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  • $15 Rebate per Desktop Unit

    Save Energy and Money
  • Powering Down Computers

    Results in Big Energy Savings

Power Down and Save

Save money while your computer sleeps


Using add-on or enterprise power management solutions on networked desktops can save hundreds of dollars per year in operating costs without interfering with normal user or administrator operations. Purchase a qualifying desktop power management solution and receive a limited-time offer of $15 rebate per desktop unit. Rebates are available for qualifying commercial customers with electric delivery service provided by Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) in Illinois.

Step 1

Complete and submit a Program Participation Agreement to enroll in the Program and verify your eligibility. Wait for program confirmation.

Step 2

Select, purchase, and install the desktop power management solution that’s right for your business or school from the list of Qualifying Software.

Step 3

Receive the rebate as an Instant Discount off your product invoice from the solution provider, OR, Complete the Rebate Application and submit it along with all requested documentation via mail, email, or fax.

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